How to Enable Live Embedded Streaming
Click here for instructions. Or Follow these instructions:

1: Go into your Youtube Studio Beta, Select Other features, Status and Features.

2. Select Embed Live Streams, Active AdSense Account.
Special Notes: Even if you active AdSense, you choose later if you want ads on your videos. It defaults to NO ADs. If you decide later that you want to make some money  off of ads on your youtube, you can set this up later.

3. Select the following, then hit Next

4. Verify everything is ok, and suggest that you select “No” in Get more out of AdSense.

5. Select Get Started
6. After you select get started, you’ll get the following: (you can select redirect to make it go quicker, or just wait and it will redirect on its own.

7. Select START

8. I suggest the following settings:

9. You don’t have to worry about the last step if you do not qualify.

10. Go back to: Youtube Studio Beta,  Other features, Status and Features, and you’ll notice the following: Your status has changed to Eligible.
11. Go back in about 4 to 7 days. On mine it took about 6 days, and the status changed to being enabled.

12. Final Step: Embed your live Streams
Go into: Go into your Youtube Studio Beta, Select Other features, Live Streaming
Stream Options / Advanced Settings

13. Select “Allow Embedding”, and select Save.