Youtube API Instructions

How to provide and get you API Streaming Key

Don’t have an API key?

  1. Go to the Google APIs developers console (create
    an account if necessary).
  2.  Go into Library Section: You will have to scroll down a bit to find it:
  3. Create a new project (if
  4. Enable the YouTube Data API v3.
    You’ll have to scroll down and select “Youtube Data API v3″ and then click on it.
  5. Select Enable after you select Youtube Data API v3
  6. Go to Credentials, click the blue
    button, and choose “API key”.
  7. Copy Credentials, this is you API Key that will allow you stream for a website:
  8. Enter your API key above.
  9. Extra Step , but not necessary, because i never heard of anyone running out of Data Limits, but you can double click on your key, and select: API Restrictions, and choose Youtube AData APIv3 Key as a restriction. This will only allow APIv3 apps to use your APIv3 key.

See this page for
more information.